Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Taking to the streets to help those on the streets

            One day as William Williams was sitting in Monroe Park, a soccer ball came flying toward his head. Little did he know, that soccer ball would alter the direction of his life. Williams was homeless at that point, so he decided to catch the soccer ball and join Richmond’s Street Soccer team. He said that from that day on, the group put him between two cones, and he’s been playing ever since. Williams’ life started moving down a new path.
            He said that by joining Richmond’s Street Soccer team- formed as a part of Street Soccer USA that helps to encourage homeless individuals or those at risk of becoming homeless- he went through not only a physical change in environment, but a mental change as well.

A Struggle Dating Back to the '60s

Photo by: Alix Hines
Deb Lassiter, a Norfolk native, traveled to the Capitol of Virginia for the fourth time since Feb. 20 on Saturday to show her discontent with the current political temperature of the Virginia General Assembly.           
            Women and men presented a united front against the ultrasound bill, which would force a state -mandated ultrasound be performed 24 hours before an abortion procedure could occur. Originally, the ultrasound bill would have required women to have a transvaginal ultrasound before having the procedure completed but the bill was amended to require only a transabdominal ultrasound. Protestors were outraged that Virginia’s legislature would mandate a medical procedure; one that many said violated women’s right to privacy and ultimately violated women’s rights.

Capital Budget proposed at Richmond Planning Commission Meeting

Plans to craft Richmond into a tier one city dominated the proposed capital budget presented yesterday by Byron C. Marshall, the chief administrative officer for the city, at the Richmond City Planning Commission meeting.
Marshall said the city’s budget focuses on seven specific areas ranging from creating more inclusive communities and neighborhoods to working toward a more sustainable Richmond. All of the focus areas are designed to make Richmond a tier one city or a major metropolitan area within the country.
The capital budget, Marshall explained, proposes that the city invest in the riverfront. He said by making the riverfront more accessible, Richmond will attract more families to places like Belle Isle and Brown’s Island. Additionally, the city has plans to improve the Canal Walk for the same purpose of attracting tourists and bringing Richmond residents to the James River area.